Our Strong Beginnings

Anthony Cuozzo and Rebecca Applebaum have come together to create Federal Marketing Solutions for a strong purpose. By enhancing the online presence of small businesses across the world, our team hopes to increase healthy competition and contribute to a world where business can be done via the internet. 

Anthony and Web Design

Anthony’s vision for the company melded with Rebecca’s as they met at Florida State University in 2019. Together they discussed certain aspects of online production and media formats for a wide variety of fortune 500 companies. Anthony saw websites as the key to informing customers and clients about available opportunities. Website building can be a long and arduous process, but in the end no multimedia format can beat a smooth, easy to navigate website. Anthony learned about building websites over the years and has excellent experience in doing so. Fully creating the site you are reading this blog on whilst also heavily contributing to manessveteranmedical.com. The target clients for Anthony’s vision stemmed from a viewership of faculty and other members of the community at Florida State. Several times he had noticed that websites would not load properly on both a computer and mobile phone. In designing his websites he looked to change this and was quite successful in achieving the given goal. Rebecca also had excellent ideas and is the true driving force behind the social media outreach we offer here at Federal Marketing Solutions.

Rebecca and Social Media

Rebecca had many strong ideas for the company stemming from several years ago as she constantly pondered Facebook advertisements and how they could be improved. She saw many paid and promoted ads as shallow and lackluster. One thing we pride ourselves on here at FMS is the quickness and high quality with which we expand the online presence of companies. Rebecca’s skills in creating social media accounts and posts have excelled and she has an impeccable format for drawing attention on social media. It is extremely important to ‘get noticed’ online and draw in customers. All press is typically good press and we strive to ensure that all press and attention received is vastly positive. In her time building business ideas with Anthony, Rebecca also developed a strong eye for website building and aided in the creative process of creating this website as well. She truly is the strong driving force behind the success of Federal Marketing Solutions and it is rooted in her intelligence, patience, and motivation. Together, Rebecca and Anthony look to broaden the horizons of small businesses by expanding their base and ensuring that all boosted online viewership is incredibly positive.