Our Official Press Release

Federal Marketing Solutions, LLC is Creating Instant Success with Social Media Marketing in the Federal Marketplace

MIAMI, FL , UNITED STATES, March 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — After graduating from Florida State University in 2021, Rebecca Applebaum knew there was no time to waste in this life. She took her vision, added key players, and hit the 100 button, after learning in school, the harder you work and more you put into a goal, the more you get out of it! There is no timetable on success. You can start a business after graduating, and be at the top of the game, right out of the gate.

Standing below Chief Osceola’s statue after a Florida State football game, Rebecca, and her fellow FSU graduate, Anthony Cuozzo, noticed 95-percent of people were glued to their phones as they walked out of the game. It is truly no secret, we are absolutely addicted to our phones and social media, in particular! It was at that moment FEDERAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS was born.

While attaining a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Rebecca was required to take courses in relation to her field. This included marketing psychology, a field that attempts to understand how consumers think, feel, reason, and make decisions. Utilizing the knowledge she had gained, Rebecca used this approach when she started creating digital marketing campaigns for Maness Veteran Medical (MVM). Discussing this knowledge with Anthony, who took similar courses as a Neuroscience graduate, the two decided that they would operate their new company under these psychological principles.

The Need, The Action, and Our Task

The Need: Every year, Billions of US Dollars are spent in the federal contracting arena. Rebecca learned this while working with current MVM Chief Marketing Officer, Anthony Cuozzo, who works under successful Federal Contractor and CEO of Maness Veteran Medical, Johnathan Maness. MVM was seeing a massive increase in exposure to the federal marketplace, and CEO Johnathan Maness knew exactly who to praise for the 200% growth… his marketing team. When you have contracts like MSPV and DAPA for medical supplies, the number one problem is ensuring the different Veterans Affairs facilities understand how to secure your products when they need them. It was a monumental task and an expensive one, until the Federal Marketing Solutions team stepped in. Rebecca said, “We are taking this information directly to people’s phones, as they chill each night on the couch and scroll for 4 to 6 hours, as most Americans do, not to mention throughout the day, every chance they get.” Sure enough month after month, the sales started a drastic rise upwards. Their method had been proven.

The Action: The new found success had MVM CEO Johnathan Maness ready to invest into Rebecca and Anthony’s vision of Federal Marketing Solutions. As of March 1, 2022 Federal Marketing Solutions is a Million Dollar start up and there will be no failing, as the pieces of the puzzle for success have been laid and backed with superglue!

The Task: If you are a US federal contractor or state contractor and you want to win more business, pick up the phone, or fill out the info request on the website, so we can contact you today! You will be blown away with how efficient Federal Marketing Solutions is and how your bottom line will grow.