The Driving Force of Young Fresh Minds

Federal Marketing Solutions Bursts onto the Marketing Scene with Young Fresh Minds at the Helm

JOHNSON CITY, TN, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2022 / — It doesn’t take long to recognize a successful team and strategy when client exponential growth is directly tied to marketing channels. Federal Marketing Solutions (FMS) hit the ground running this year with digital marketing campaigns targeted for federal buyers, directly. The FMS team knew they were onto something huge, when after taking over marketing for Maness Veteran Medical, within six months — MSPV (Med Surge Prime Vendor Program) sales shot up 400%.

FMS simplifies the confusion of marketing for clients, making a direct plan — hitting targets every time a new post is sent out. Not only has FMS witnessed growth in all clients, federal buyers praise the firm for clarifying how to purchase a product or service, that may be new to the market. This is a Win for the client and the federal government at the same time.

“Simplify marketing with laser focus on what you are trying to accomplish with each post, and you will succeed in hitting your target, every time.”

— Tony Cuozzo, CEO

If your business is tired of being stuck in the mud as a federal contractor and you want the chance to WIN a federal contract, reach out to Federal Marketing Solutions today for a free consult… and get your business on a guided path to success.